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  • Erase Your Outstanding Debt
  • Retain Your Home, Car & Assets
  • Start rebuilding your credit today


Over 10 Years of Experience in Bankruptcy Law

If you're facing troubled times with pandemic driven business bankruptcy, then help is at hand. We can help you get through your stress so you can get back up on your feet and start a fresh. Join 100s other client whom we have helped.

Erase Your Outstanding Debt

Bankruptcy may eliminate Credit Card Bills, Medical Bills, Foreclosure Process, Wage Garnishment, Creditor Harassment

Keep Your Home, Car and other Assets

Bankruptcy May Protect Your Home, Your Car, Your Wages, Your Furniture

Start Rebuilding Your Credit Today

Bankruptcy will immediately lower your debt to income ratio. Debt consolidation companies take too long, and often dont live up to promises.

Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Debt Consolidation

Bankruptcy laws are written to give you a fresh start, so you can Erase all of your debt and start anew with a fresh clean state.


Meet Julian McMillan

“Julian McMillan has been successfully representing San Diego Consumers for twelve years. Having spent a significant portion of his career representing multinational corporations and financial institutions at international law firms, Mr. McMillan understands national and international corporate legal strategies. Such has allowed Mr. McMillan an unparalleled level of success in his work on behalf of consumers like you. Mr. McMillan practices exclusively in California Lemon law and consumer and small business bankruptcy."


Our Reviews on Yelp

Call him first!!!! We all know the feeling where we need help beyond our own area of expertise. The sinking feeling where we know something is not right yet, to get the help needed you have to come out of pocket and there is no guarantee. That is exactly the place I was in when I reached out to Julian. Julian took swift action that really helped our financial situation. He remedied another attorneys inaction. He was straight forward and did exactly what he said he would do. He's funny, he's open about his own life, and hopefully he gets all that he works so hard to do for others. From the bottom of my heart. With deep gratitude. Thank you Julian.

Laurie F


Cassady R.
Cassady R.
Julian is hands down the best attorney in San Diego! After many consults with different attorneys, he truly put me at ease and helped me get things done! Julian has made this whole process so quick and easy. I can never give enough gratitude! Thank you, Julian!
John R.
John R.
Julian worked wonders for my wife and I. A couple years after our bankruptcy discharge an old creditor tried to collect on us again. My wife went in to see if anything could be done, and he took care of it right away.  It's nice knowing he hadn't forgotten about us. His knowledge in his field is very extensive.  Not all attorneys are the same. We had tried another attorney prior, and he was slow to move and didn't seem to display a whole lot of knowledge in this field. After a 10 min. Communication with Julian I knew he was a subject matter expert and retained him right away.
Maryann O.
Maryann O.
If you are seeking an efficient, caring, affordable BK attorney in San Diego I highly recommend Julian McMillan. Julian responds to messages quickly and gets the job done with compassion and knowledge. He is a great attorney and an amazing, down to earth person. Making decision to file a BK is difficult, but Julian helps you through it quickly with compassion.
Lisa M.
Lisa M.
Going through Bankruptcy is never easy but Julian and his firm always ensured I understood what I was required to provide, and was clear with his communication so as to ensure a smooth process.  I highly recommend Julian McMillan and McMillan Law Group to take care of your legal needs.  He's smart, fair and will make sure to work with you on your legal issue and make it as easy as legal issues can be.  I'm relieved it's over and I have a fresh start thanks to McMillan Law Group!
Emie C.
Emie C.
Julian helped me during a rough time in my life with my overwhelming situation. He went above and beyond to ensure that not only was my case taken care of but that I was also supported moving forward. I was so fortunate to have him as my lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone in need. I highly recommend him to anyone and I promise you would be taken care of by the best in San Diego.


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