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California Lemon Law

Having always been an auto enthusiast. Seeking work in the space of California Lemon Law was a natural transition for Mr. McMillan. His experience and approach to this practice has allowed him to establish contacts with major law firms who represent the manufacturers as well as contacts at local dealerships.

Where other firms seek to draw out litigation to increase their fee awards, Mr. McMillan understands that your need for a replacement vehicle is urgent and thus seeks early resolution. All of our Lemon Law Cases are filed in Federal District Court under both the California Beverly Song Act, and the Federal Magnusson Moss Act. Such facilitates early resolution.

The California Lemon law in essence provides as follows:

If a consumer purchases a new or warranted (Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle), and said vehicle has an issue:

The manufacturer and their authorized dealer are allowed two attempts to remedy the issue. If they are unable to, you have a lemon.

As well, if the vehicle is out of service for 30 days or more, regardless whether or not it is a repeated issue, you have a lemon.

In either case, the consumer has two remedies:

  1. A replacement vehicle from the manufacturer under the same terms, or
  2. A refund of all sums paid (less a mileage deduction), payoff of any existing liens.

In either case, the law provides for reasonable attorney’s fees to be paid by the manufacturer. This means you pay nothing.

All of the firm’s Lemon Law Cases are filed in Federal District Court under the California Song Beverly Act and the Federal Magnusson Moss Act. Filing in Federal Court forces an Early Neutral Evaluation by a Federal Magistrate Judge. Such fosters early resolution.

Mr. McMillan’s approach to litigation is that of civil cooperation. Such means that he is often already on a first name basis with opposing counsel and local car dealerships. This results in expedient resolution of your claims, and Mr. McMillan is often able to reach out to contacts at dealerships to get you the best deal on the replacement vehicle.

Mr. McMillan feels that his online reviews for his work in this space speak for themselves. While the majority of the clients who hire the McMillan Law Group are referrals from past clients, the firm welcomes those who found him independently on the internet.

The firm will handle no more than three such cases per month. In order to provide the personal attention that Mr. McMillan prefers, this is the maximum number of Lemon Law cases the firm will accept.

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