Lemon Law Refund/Buyback Calculator

A “lemon” is a car that has serious problems but doesn’t meet the criteria for one. If your vehicle’s value has diminished and it does not go above the required limit, you may be entitled to compensation from manufacturers when they agree on cash settlements with consumers who have been wronged by their lemons.

But, if your vehicle falls under the protection of lemon law, these are some things you can do as a consumer:

A Replacement Vehicle

Manufacturers will sometimes give you cash for the diminished value due to their lemon vehicles, but they’re not obligated to do so in all cases and may instead offer an almost-identical replacement car or truck if that vehicle doesn’t meet criteria as being a true ‘lemon’.


You will get your refund based on the following:

  • Down Payment
  • Monthly Payments
  • Vehicle Financing, Registration Fees, Taxes, Service Contract
  • Balance of the Loan

If your vehicle was leased, not purchased, then the refund will be for a lease that is paid off rather than an outstanding loan.

The calculator below takes into account all of the above factors and gives you an estimated refund. Take one minute and find out how much you could receive in compensation!

NOTE – This refund calculator does not create a guarantee or prediction of future results. Every case is unique and must be assessed according to its own facts and merits. The refund calculator does not include attorneys fees and costs.

By Using This Calculator, You Can Estimate Your Potential Recovery


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