As a car owner, it is important to know that there are many different reasons why buying a car with a warranty may be the best option for you. One of those reasons is because it can help protect your consumer rights if anything goes wrong with your new or used vehicle. Our Lemon Law Attorney San Diego at McMillan Law Group explains why buying a car with a warranty is important.


What is a Car Warranty? Why is it Important?

A car warranty is a contract between you and the manufacturer. It states that, if your vehicle has any problems at all with it after purchasing from them, they will fix or replace whatever’s wrong as long as its within their time frame of service! Every company offers different warranties so make sure to read yours before signing on those dotted lines.

It’s not always obvious why a warranty is important. A car warranty can protect you from costly repairs that may happen due to defects in the product. Without a warranty, you could end up paying for thousands of dollars worth of repairs after your car has already lost some value. With an extended auto protection plan, the costs associated with these repairs are usually covered by the manufacturer or dealership who sold you the vehicle in most cases. This helps avoid additional financial strain on your family when they arise and provides peace of mind for years to come.

New Car Warranty


How to Know If Your Car Comes With a Warranty?

When you buy a new car, the seller should be able to provide all of the original manufacturer’s warranty information. This ensures that there will not be any gaps in protection and can save time trying to figure out what coverages are included with your purchase if something goes wrong down the line.

You can learn if your car has a warranty or not by checking the manual for information. If you are unable to find it, call up the dealership in order get started with checking whether that specific vehicle still carries one and what kind of coverage would be provided under this type/model year’s terms as well as how often they contact customers about mechanical issues on their vehicles etc., but also run an online search first via Carfax before making either decision just in case there have been some updates since purchasing which might affect your decision.

Can a Used Car Have a Warranty?

The fact that a car will come with an active manufacturer warranty after purchase is not always true when looking at used vehicles. Always ensure the vehicle you are purchasing has its own warranty before making any final decisions on whether or not it’s right for your needs, as buying one without means potentially being stuck paying out-of-pocket repairs if there have been issues in previous ownership which could’ve prevented anyone else from taking care of these problems originally.


Is No Warranty Worth The Risk?

Buying a used vehicle is an interesting experience. When you buy one, there are some risks involved in that process but if done correctly and with the right precautions taken then these can be worthwhile investments for your purchase instead of costing more money than necessary or resulting in other problems down the line when things go wrong because you didn’t have a warranty.

Some people might be tempted to forgo the factory warranty and purchase an extended second-hand car protection plan instead. However, before you do that consider this: as international roadworthiness research shows there are certain time frames when major repairs need attention like six years/100kms or more on your odometer; after these periods have passed it can no longer guarantee best durability rates so buy wisely.


Can You Still Get Relief If You Got a Lemon Car Without a Warranty?

You may still have legal protection if you purchased your vehicle “as is” or from a dealership with an expired warranty. For instance, lemon laws will apply to any attempts by the seller at fixing problems before yours expires and they’re no longer covered under warranty and this includes situations where there were never any actual repairs done on behalf of them. With a skilled lemon law attorney in San Diego, you’ll be sure to get all the legal help that your case needs.