The California lemon law requires manufacturers and dealers to repair or replace a new vehicle that malfunctions within the first 18 months of ownership. The California Legislature’s goal is “to provide consumers with an efficient, fair, and simple mechanism for resolution of disputes.” Your right under the law is to get a refund, replacement vehicle or other relief from your manufacturer if you are stuck in this situation. One important thing to keep in mind about the lemon law is that it only applies when there are serious defects during the first 18 months after its purchase. This means that if you have a minor problem like not being able to see out of your rearview mirror anymore, then this would not be covered by the lemon law. Let’s talk about how a lemon lawyer San Diego helps you win.


What Are the Different Ways You Can Buy a Vehicle?

There are 3 ways you can buy a vehicle:

  • The Manufacturer
  • The Dealership
  • A Private Seller


What Can You Do When You Buy a Defective Vehicle?

In the instance that you purchase a defective vehicle, Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (California lemon law) gives you the right to return it and receive a refund. As long as your warranty is still in effect on your vehicle, an attorney who specializes in California’s Lemon Law will fight for compensation.

It’s not easy to get compensation for a lemon from either the manufacturer or dealership, but it is easier when purchasing directly from the company than at retail. The likelihood of having one’s vehicle qualify as a “lemon” drastically decreases if you buy your vehicle privately instead of through automobile dealerships.


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How Can You Get Your Recovery Back From a Vehicle Manufacturer or a Vehicle Dealership?

Getting a Recovery from the Manufacturer

While lemon law varies in different states, one rule that is consistent across the board – you cannot file a claim for your vehicle if it has been used by someone else before. With this being said, chances are high when buying from an authorized dealer that you will be purchasing a new and not previously owned vehicle which leads to better odds of filing a successful case under the jurisdiction of state laws on replacing or refunding vehicles with manufacturing defects.

  • If the vehicle poses any issues with the usage, safety and value in any way.
  • The manufacturer has made over two attempts to fix the defect in the vehicle
  • The manufacturer has made over four or more unsuccessful repair attempts on the vehicle
  • If the vehicle has been in the auto repair shop for more than 30 days.

The manufacturer is obligated to make your vehicle as good as new, so it’s important that you contact them ASAP if something seems off. If they are unable to fix the problem after a reasonable number of attempts, chances are that you have a lemon on your hands and should consider getting in touch with an attorney.

Getting a Recovery from the Dealership

Used cars can be tricky to deal with, but if you have a lemon warranty on your side then it may not seem so difficult. A used car is sold by the dealership and must still abide by warrants that are set forth in any type of purchase agreement for either manufacturer or distributor warranties which means they could qualify as lemons depending on what was promised when the sale took place.

California car dealership laws are strict, and this is to ensure consumers get a fair deal.

Dealerships must offer at least 30 days of warranty or before 1,000 miles accrue on the odometer for no additional charge.

This should be specified in their buyer’s guide so you know what kind of coverage they can provide when something goes wrong with your new purchase.

If you’re having problems with your vehicle while it’s still under warranty and the dealership refuses to do anything about it, there is a way around that problem. The lemon law can help get them back on their feet again by buying back or fixing what they sold you in the first place.


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How Can a Lemon Lawyer San Diego Help?

There are chances that you have never encountered a lemon vehicle yet. Without a lemon law lawyer San Diego, your chances of winning the case slim down and even if you win, your chances of getting what your lemon lawyer would have gotten you would be low. Manufacturers and dealerships will do anything to avoid a lemon law buyback. That’s where the skilled California lemon law attorney comes in.

Working with the best lemon law attorney San Diego will prove to be quite useful as they can navigate your case and make sure you get the best recovery possible.

The California lemon law is designed to protect consumers. When you win, the manufacturer or dealership has an obligation to cover your costs and fees including attorney’s expenses upfront. A reputable lawyer in this sector will only take on a case if they think it can be won – not at any cost for out-of-pocket expenses either!


Final Words

If you’ve been in the market for a new car and have run into any defective vehicles, it may be time to consult with our Lemon Law Lawyer San Diego CA at McMillan Law Group. Whether it has broken down on you or is just malfunctioning more than usual, we can help get your recovery back from the manufacturer or dealership if they are not going to fix it. We understand how frustrating this process can be; that’s why we will always do what we can to make sure you’re taken care of throughout these unfortunate events.