In California, a lemon car is a vehicle that doesn’t conform to the warranty or that has been repaired multiple times for the same issue. The law provides protections against lemons so you can get your money back if yours doesn’t live up to expectations. Here’s what happens when a lemon car gets in an accident, and the steps you can take to protect your rights and get a replacement vehicle with the help of a California lemon law lawyer.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death in the United States. Every day, thousands of people die and countless others are injured. This means that their loved ones must go through unimaginable emotional pain. Beyond the monetary costs, car accidents are a leading contributor to a major cause of death in America. Furthermore, defects are more difficult to pin down post-accident.


Did the Vehicle Have a Defect?

You purchased a car from a manufacturer that promised a safe and reliable vehicle, but now you’re the victim of a car accident. If the car was improperly installed or inadequately designed, you may be able to claim against the manufacturer with the help of a lemon law California attorney. Automakers are obligated to provide a reasonable fit product for their intended purpose. If your car was unsafe to drive regularly, you may need to take a legal claim against the manufacturer.

If you’ve been driving for a while, you’ve probably heard about some of the car defects that can cause accidents. While defective tires and braking systems are common causes, there are more – including defective computer systems that cause sudden unexpected acceleration, defective tires, and more.


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You Can File a Claim Against the Seller or the Dealer

When product defects occur, it’s not always just one company’s fault. In some cases, the defect in the product is due to the manufacturer of the car, but it could also be due to other parties. For example, the car lot that sold you the car may have been at fault for not catching the defect when you bought it. The component that failed could also be from a supplier for the car manufacturer.

When after-market parts cause your car to crash, the manufacturer of the parts might be at fault. If you installed:

  • Different tires
  • Headlights
  • Taillights, or
  • Suspension

…the company that sold and installed these parts could also be liable. This is especially true if they recommended you buy the part and have them install it.


Defects that Can Lead to a Lemon Law Claim

When something goes wrong with your car, it may not just be because it’s old. There are a few possible reasons for your component failure. As a result of a manufacturing defect, something might not work when you need it the most. If there is a design defect, meaning that the vehicle was poorly engineered, it might fail to start working at all.

  • If the manufacturer doesn’t follow specifications during production, the difference can be unreasonably risky.
  • In a design defect, the product was manufactured to specifications but is still deemed to be risky.

This difference matters because it determines what you must prove. Manufacturers are responsible for creating products that won’t hurt consumers under any circumstances. Designers must create safe products or options that would be cheap and strong to produce.


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Filing for a Lemon Law Claim

It’s more complicated to file a claim for a defective product than it is for an ordinary car accident. There are different rules and regulations and the following elements must be proven:

  • The defect existed before the car left the manufacturer
  • The car was used in a way that the manufacturer intended it to work

California state holds manufacturers strictly liable for injuries caused by product defects. If a supplier, distributor, or retailer notices a defect in their product, it is imperative that they stop selling the item. The manufacturer is responsible for all related costs.



Buying a car creates a commercial relationship between you and the manufacturer. After all, you’re the one who paid for it. This means that any defects in the car that your injury stemmed from will hold them liable for your damages.

While it is true that auto accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, defective vehicle parts are often to blame. If you’ve been hurt in an accident and you think that the damage was done by a faulty part, don’t give up hope. You may have a claim against the manufacturer or seller of that part. Whether you bought the car from the manufacturer or from a third party, you could be entitled to damages. including for your own injuries and for injuries to others.

If you have been in a car accident or your product has caused an injury, you may need the help of a lemon law attorney in California. To maximize your chances of success, and get the best result, you will need an attorney in California.