No one ever wants to purchase a lemon from a car, but sometimes it happens. If you’re unfortunate enough to buy a dud of a car, there’s no need to worry. In the state of California, there’s a lemon law in place that protects consumers from being stuck with the cost of a faulty vehicle. So if you do find yourself the owner of a lemon car, you can rest assured knowing that you’re protected under California lemon law.


What is a Lemon Law Buyback?

In California, the lemon law buyback protects individuals who purchase a car, truck, or SUV under warranty. If the vehicle develops one or more defects while under warranty, the consumer may be eligible for a California Lemon Law Buyback. Understand that a vehicle under warranty is only eligible for buyback if the manufacturer cannot repair the defects in a reasonable number of attempts or if the vehicle is at a dealership for many days to repair one or more defects and it is still having problems.


If your vehicle is eligible for a California Lemon Law Buyback, its manufacturer has two options.

  • Replace the defective vehicle.
  • Buy back the defective vehicle.


Ideally, the consumer and manufacturer will come to an agreement on whether to provide a replacement vehicle or money back. If the manufacturer provides the consumer with a replacement vehicle that includes all warranties for full protection. The manufacturer must also cover taxes, licensing fees, and registration on the replacement vehicle. In either situation, the manufacturer provides all legal fees from filing the case.


Seven Steps to Help Navigate the Lemon Law Buyback Process

Take Your Car to an Authorized Dealership:- If you have a lemon, the best thing to do is take it back to the manufacturer right away. You should give them the chance to fix your vehicle at least twice, unless it spends more than 30 cumulative days at the dealership. Filing a lemon law claim is always an option, but you should give the dealership a chance to repair your vehicle first.


Keep a Record of All Your Repair Attempts:- To have a stronger case, you need to have good records of any and all attempts to repair the defective vehicle. If you don’t have records of the warranty and work performed on the car, it can hold up your claim significantly.


Find a Reputable Lemon Law Attorney:- If you’ve already had your car worked on and it’s still not up to your standards, it may be time to consult with a California lemon law attorney. These professionals will help you understand your next steps and can guide you through the often complex process of filing a lemon law claim. And, if your claim is successful, the manufacturer will have to pay your attorney fees not you.


File a Claim:- Once you find a reputable lemon law attorney, they will be able to file a lemon law claim, informing the auto manufacturer that you want a buyback.


Determine What the Terms of the Buyback Are:- If you think you might have a lemon on your hands, the first thing you shouldn’t do is try to take on the manufacturer by yourself. They will likely try to deny your claims, and without an experienced lemon law attorney in your corner, you’ll be at a disadvantage. But with a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the lemon law, you’ll be much better equipped to fight for your rights and get a fair buyback from the manufacturer.


Return the Defective Vehicle to the Dealership:- Once your lawyer has arranged a clear agreement on the buyback terms with the manufacturer, it’s time to return the defective vehicle to the dealership.


Receive Payment from the Manufacturer:- After all the negotiations have been made and you’ve returned the defective vehicle to the manufacturer, it’s finally time to get reimbursed for the money you spent on the lemon vehicle. You can use this money to purchase a different car or spend it as you would like, there are no stipulations on how you use your compensation.


In conclusion, Lemon Law Buyback’s attorneys have negotiated favorable terms and conditions for its clients. Moreover, the lawyers can help lead clients through the legal process of Lemon Law Buyback. It’s vital that customers contact Lemon Law Buyback as soon as they know they need to purchase a Lemon Law buyback.