The Ultimate Long Beach, California Bucket List: Things You Can’t Miss

From the lively shores to the charming neighborhoods, Long Beach is a city that showcases an eclectic blend of experiences every traveler should add to their bucket list. Whether you are a fan of outdoor adventures, enriching cultural experiences, or gourmet delights, this city of sand has something for everyone.


Overview of Long Beach

Basking in the sunshine of Southern California, Long Beach is a city that offers a unique blend of seaside charm, urban sophistication, and a rich cultural history. With its diverse neighborhoods, beautiful shoreline, world-class art scene, and a wide array of dining and shopping experiences, this city is a melting pot of experiences waiting to be discovered.


Brief History

Incorporated in 1897, Long Beach has a storied past rooted in its historic waterfront. It started as a humble seaside community, grew into a significant maritime center, and eventually evolved into a major resort town. The discovery of oil in Signal Hill transformed it into an industrial powerhouse in the 20th century. Today, Long Beach embodies the modern spirit while still retaining a sense of its rich history, evident in the architecture and the city’s dedication to preserving its past.


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Things to Do

In Long Beach, the sheer number of things to do and see can sometimes be overwhelming. But fear not, we’ve curated a refined list for you!



If you love staying active, Long Beach has countless activities to keep you on your toes. Start your day with a sunrise stand-up paddleboard session in Alamitos Bay or take a leisurely bike ride down the scenic Shoreline Bike Path. For water lovers, there’s nothing like a whale-watching cruise or exploring the fascinating marine life at the Aquarium of the Pacific.



Long Beach is also home to several beautiful golf courses, perfect for those looking to test their swing. And for adrenaline seekers, sailing experiences, skydiving, and kite surfing are just a few of the exhilarating activities you can enjoy.


Must-See Spots

Long Beach is a city filled with must-see attractions. Make sure to visit the legendary Queen Mary ship, a floating museum that presents a snapshot of transatlantic travel in the 20th century. For art enthusiasts, the Long Beach Museum of Art and the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) are not to be missed.




Take a stroll through the historic East Village Arts District, filled with vibrant murals and boutique art galleries. El Dorado Nature Center is a perfect spot for those wanting to reconnect with nature, offering serene trails amidst ponds and forests.

The Naples Canals offer a touch of Italian charm right in California. Rent a gondola for a romantic evening ride complete with singing gondoliers. Finally, make sure to experience the lively atmosphere of Shoreline Village, where you can enjoy shopping, dining, and unbeatable views of the marina.



When it comes to accommodations in Long Beach, you have a plethora of options catering to different preferences and budgets. Stay in luxurious seaside resorts like the Hotel Maya or the Hyatt Regency, with top-notch facilities and breathtaking water views. For a more historical touch, consider the iconic Queen Mary Hotel, where you can stay in unique staterooms and suites in the retired ocean liner. Budget-friendly options include various inns and bed & breakfasts scattered throughout the city offering comfortable stays.


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Local Customs

Long Beach is known for its laid-back, friendly vibe and diverse culture. People here are warm and welcoming, with a real sense of community spirit. Many local traditions are centered around the beach culture – sunset beach barbecues, surfing, and beach volleyball are quite common. The city is also teeming with festivals all year round, such as the Long Beach Sea Festival and the Long Beach Jazz Festival, showcasing its vibrant arts and music scene.


Legal Landmarks

Long Beach is home to several important legal landmarks. The Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse replaced the Long Beach Courthouse and is a notable example of a civic building that is both functional and sustainable. The Long Beach Police and Fire Memorial is another significant landmark, located at the intersection of Chestnut Avenue and Broadway, honoring the city’s fallen service members.

Additionally, Long Beach is home to a skilled group of Lemon Law attorneys California who specialize in helping individuals dealing with car-related issues. These committed legal professionals are vital in protecting the rights of residents and promoting justice in different aspects of life throughout the city.



Fun Facts

  • Long Beach is home to the largest mural in the world, the “Planet Ocean” mural, which covers 116,000 square feet of the Long Beach Arena’s exterior.
  • The city has its own oil island named after the astronaut heroes of the Apollo space mission. The islands – Grissom, White, Chaffee, and Freeman – are camouflaged with waterfalls and tall structures to blend with the surrounding cityscape.
  • The retired British ocean liner, the RMS Queen Mary, permanently docked in Long Beach, is not only a hotel but also reported to be one of the most haunted places in America.
  • Long Beach is the birthplace of many famous personalities including rapper Snoop Dogg, actress Cameron Diaz, and skateboarder Tony Hawk.
  • The Port of Long Beach is the second busiest container port in the United States and among the world’s largest shipping ports.
  • Long Beach hosts the largest Grand Prix street race in America, the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, attracting racing enthusiasts from around the globe.
  • The city is home to one of the largest LGBTQ+ Pride events in the country, Long Beach Pride, which takes place annually in May.


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Long Beach, California, with its seemingly endless array of activities, sceneries, and cultural experiences is indeed a destination worth exploring. Whether you’re planning a short vacation or a long stay, this city has an adventure for everyone. What are you waiting for? Start creating your Long Beach bucket list today!