How Can A Bankruptcy Attorney Help You Get Out Of Debt - San Diego?

Have you been looking to get out of debt - San Diego? Then, hiring one of the experienced bankruptcy attorneys would be highly recommended
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Financial disasters often happen to be unexpected guests. The havoc they wreck can leave you bankrupt. To get out of debt San Diego citizens do not have to go through many hassles, with professional attorneys specialized in handling bankruptcy to help. Hiring an experienced attorney pays off, as the professional would help you protect most of your assets from being liquidated.


Why Hire An Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney?

In California, the bankruptcy filing process is complicated. Even if the case is simple, formalities could be extensive. You need to research exemption laws, complete long forms, and adhere to the court’s instructions. Inadvertent mistakes can further complicate situations, leading to significant issues, including the denial of debt discharge. One can seek help from a professional bankruptcy attorney to save all the trouble. Anyway, sooner or later, one will be asking oneself the question, “Where to find a bankruptcy attorney near me?” for which they can find an attorney by reaching out to a reputed legal firm. To get out of debt, San Diego residents can reach out to a seasoned attorney, which would be the most logical move. These professionals would explain to you the possible remedies: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of consumer bankruptcy.

  • The Quicker Process – Chapter 7: A Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Diego would help you eliminate several unsecured debts, such as credit card bills and medical bills. This type of bankruptcy case gets over quickly. The person filing a bankruptcy case needs to liquidate the assets. However, your attorney will clarify the exemptions to you, which may help you save your car, home, basic furnishings, and professional tools from being liquidated.
  • Debt Reorganization – Chapter 13: Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing would enable you to consolidate the payments after recognizing the assets. In the process, you would be able to avoid fines and fees while repaying a part or whole of your debt. The court would give you a period of three to five years to pay off the debts. If you can adhere to the payment plan approved by the court successfully, the obligations in the program get discharged. In this case, you could retain most of the assets like your car or home. Besides, this law enables one to pay partial or full attorney fees as a part of the repayment plan.

The expert would help you compare Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 and choose whichever is better, considering the outcome based on the situation.


Steps Involved In The Bankruptcy Procedure

In San Diego county bankruptcies, an experienced attorney can provide professional help in relieving the burden of debts in easy steps. The bankruptcy service and advice include the following.

  • The professional gets an overview of the case during the initial consultation, which is usually free.
  • Next, the debtor will get advice on Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 comparison and help in choosing one of them.
  • The expert will help the debtor complete the necessary paperwork to file a bankruptcy case.

At the beginning of the process, you need to be present for an interview, which could be up to one hour. For married people, the spouse also needs to be present to answer every question accurately.

Statistics reveal that only 1 in 25 people lose a bankruptcy case when they file Chapter 7. Thus, to get out of debt, San Diego citizens’ option is to file bankruptcy legally. Seeking professional support from an experienced bankruptcy attorney can make things much more comfortable. Most importantly, it helps protect one’s assets, which might not always be the case if the case is filed without an attorney’s help.

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