In a lemon case, the car loan is one of the many items that need to be repaid. If you can’t make payments on your car loan because your vehicle has been deemed a lemon, then you are eligible for relief. The best way to get help in this situation is by contacting a lemon lawyer San Diego who specializes in Lemon Law cases and getting legal advice about how to proceed with your individual circumstances.

Can You Go For a Lemon Law Claim Under a Loan?

If you have a car loan, the lender is still on your title until the last payment. So are you authorized to file a lemon law claim? Yes, you are!

You don’t need to worry about your car payment anymore. If you took out a loan, lease, or paid upfront with cash for the vehicle and it meets the criteria of California lemon law then you can file a claim against them as soon as possible in pursuit of justice.

The worst thing you can do with a faulty car is waiting. If it’s under warranty, then as long as you file your claim before the manufacturer or dealer and follow up on any repairs they make to fix the problem, your case will be valid even if subsequent attempts are made after its expiration date. The best way to find out whether you have a lemon is by talking with California lemon law lawyers immediately.


Responsibility of the Loan Payments

The payment on your loan is not frozen as soon you file a claim. You’re still responsible for the payments of an excuse and even when it gets dragged out, which can be frustrating to pay hundreds every month.

The manufacturer will reimburse you for the payments if you win. It’s not worth risking your good credit score with the bank and getting into trouble by failing to make these payments on time. Worst case scenario, they’ll take back your car because of non-payment.

If you happen to have been the victim of a fraudulent transaction, do not hesitate in calling an experienced lemon law lawyer. They can help review your case and advise what steps are best for obtaining justice from those who committed fraud against you.


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If you choose to repurchase your car, then California’s lemon law states that in addition to the purchase price (not including any manufacturer rebate) and associated collateral charges such as sales and use taxes, registration fees, insurance costs for time out-of-service of the vehicle before defect onset; there may also be an offset by the value of any use prior.

You can rest easy that the lender will be receiving your full refund after the offset. However, if you owe more than what is on your balance at this time and have driven for a long period of time with high mileage, it may not cover all the unpaid loan amount. If so, then they may demand the difference from you as well before releasing any funds to you.



If you’re having trouble with your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to contact the manufacturer and find out what they can do for you. The company will either replace your car or reimburse any incidental expenses that may have arisen from the incident. It is important to know how this situation would affect your loan if there are special discounts available, as these cannot be carried over into new cars regardless of brand choice.

If you’re in the unfortunate situation of having to keep fighting with your car, make sure you document every repair and contact manufacturers about any safety issues.


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After the Loan Ends, What Happens?

The manufacturer is required to offer a full refund or replacement for defective vehicles under the California lemon law. Any incidental costs related to the lemon (towing fees, cab fares, hotel stays) can be reimbursed and other attorney and court costs.

Manufacturers should ensure that the buyback amount is higher than or equal to what you still owe on your current vehicle. Otherwise, they may be trying to force you into paying even more for a car in which malfunctions have already caused an initial monetary burden and emotional distress. You might want to consult with one of our lemon law lawyers before making any decisions about how much money will go towards this purchase.


Why Do You Need a Lemon Law Lawyer in San Diego?

Lemon law attorneys in San Diego have the experience to help you with your defective vehicle, and they will fight for your rights. They face lemon law claims every day because manufacturers often don’t cover legal costs when their product is at fault. If you need a lawyer then call McMillan Law Group today to get a free consultation.