The lemon law process can be a long and frustrating one, especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the law. The good news is, if you are a resident of California and have purchased a lemon, you have certain rights protected by state law. The lemon law process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and in some cases, it may even take longer. To qualify as a lemon, the automobile must have a considerable defect that impairs its value or safety. As a general rule, the lemon law seeks to provide alternate solutions for consumers whose cars have substantial problems within the warranty period. California’s law sometimes takes lemon status into account if a defect was exhibited by delivering or putting on car tires.

Typically, a lemon law claim is resolved within 30 days. However, since lemon law cases may take a while to get fixed, they typically take three to six months. Some cases may take longer if manufacturers refuse to repurchase or replace a lemon vehicle. When an auto manufacturer refuses to settle a lawsuit over the unfortunate functioning of a dangerous car, car buyers are required to go through litigation in order to receive compensation for the defect.

Here is a general overview of the lemon law process in California.

What Makes a Car a Lemon in California?

The Lemon Law in California allows consumers to submit a claim to have a new or used motor vehicle in the state, whenever it does not correspond to the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Before invoking the state lemon law, you must have failed to make a reasonable number of repairs to the car. Typically, four trips to the shop are sufficient to demonstrate that your car is a lemon. A defective automobile should only be repaired twice. If your vehicle spent thirty days or more in the shop, you may have grounds to assert your rights under the lemon law.

What Factors Will Determine How Long the California Lemon Law Process Will Take?

The California Lemon Law provides consumer protection for individuals who unknowingly purchase faulty cars that cannot be fixed after a certain number of unsuccessful repairs.

Under this condition, the manufacturer must provide several choices the client or lessee can try to gain resolve, which may start with a review of your vehicle, its manufacturer, its defects, the type and length of repairs, and repair history.

Once all the facts are gathered, research, and documentation that the car is in fact nothing but lemons, clients will seek recovery if they are no longer confident in the car’s dependability.

The manufacturer is obligated to make a definite reply within 30 days of the date of the demand letter.

The response could outline the legal implications of your choices, which in turn might lead to you opting for one of the three options offered by the manufacturer:

  • Provide a replacement vehicle
  • Repurchase your vehicle
  • Pursue a cash settlement, and you keep the vehicle

Contact an Experienced California Lemon Law Attorney

There is a possibility that you may be entitled to a refund or price reduction if you’ve bought a new or used car in California with a substantial malfunction. It is necessary to contact a lemon law attorney immediately to learn how you can take legal action against the seller.

A lemon law lawyer can assist their clients to attain the compensation they are entitled to under the Lemon Law of California for their lemon vehicles.