If you’re in the market for a new car, you might be wondering how to avoid buying a lemon. A class action settlement is one way that may help answer this question. When an organization or company settles with consumers after alleged wrongdoing, it sometimes includes provisions for class members who are not individually named but whose rights were allegedly violated under state law. A lemon law lawyer San Diego, CA experienced in lemon law might be able to tell you more about this type of settlement and whether it applies to your situation.

It’s important to consider your options carefully if you received a class action notice. Depending on the circumstances, it may be best for some people to opt out of this settlement and instead file their own separate claim under California lemon law that they meet this criteria.


What is a Class Action?

Class actions are a great way for vehicle owners who have been financially hurt and inconvenienced by the same issue in their cars. This process starts with the lead plaintiff, or class representative, filing suit on behalf of all those affected; they’ll be notified when there’s news about it though notices usually go out first before any settlement negotiations happen.


Will Your Vehicle Be Deemed a Lemon if a Class Action Has Been Filed?

While a class action has been filed that may affect your vehicle, it doesn’t automatically mean you have a lemon. Also, there are many things you need for your vehicle to qualify as a lemon under California’s lemon law; importantly these laws only apply if the car was still covered by original manufacturer warranties when initiating complainants rights to pursue legal remedies through this process which they will need evidence of before doing so.

You must also have allowed the authorized dealership to make a reasonable number of unsuccessful repair attempts before filing for lemon law protection. Generally, four repairs are enough on average to receive full compensation from your insurer but if there’s an issue that presents serious safety risks then only two will be needed before you can file.

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Opting Out of a Class Action Settlement?

If your car is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty, and you feel that the defect raised in a class action lawsuit substantially impairs its value or safety as such then do not hesitate to opt out of settling. If you are still covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, it may be worth filing an individual lemon law claim. You could potentially get your choice of a repurchase or replacement vehicle – but if not for the Lemon Law remedy then at least some compensation will come from remaining in this class and getting reimbursed for repairs costs!


Notice of Settlement

When you receive a notice of settlement regarding any class action, it’s important to review and consider whether or not the deal is right for yourself. Object in writing if there are terms that don’t seem fair as this gives others an option too! You may also opt-out by attending court during fairness hearings – though make sure your voice doesn’t get lost among other people who have already spoken before because they will be arguing on behalf of all parties involved so hearing officers try very hard only take one side at time while considering everything said throughout each session/trial period etc…


Are There Any Benefits of Opting Out?

Even if you don’t want to join a class action settlement, your rights may still be affected. Most people do not realize that unless they opt out of the deal and pursue an individual claim under California’s lemon law for their own situation with manufacturer or retailer where there has been no resolution in 30 days from notice post whichever comes first then those terms will apply on top as well such as denying them relief.


You Won’t Get Greater Compensation

Class action settlements are often inadequate to compensate consumers for the issues and problems they experienced with their vehicle. They might recover a nominal amount in these types of lawsuits, but it’s not much money at all when you compare that against what could’ve been yours had this wrong been righted from filing a lawsuit yourself.

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You Won’t Get Additional Costs

If you’re a lemon law victim and opt out of the class action settlement, not only will your vehicle be fixed or refunded but also other costs associated when the vehicle was out of commission. If your losses were greater than those experienced by other class action settlement members, you may want to pursue a lemon law claim in court. Otherwise, the money will be distributed equally among all parties despite how much each individual’s damages were actually worth.


Final Words

As you can see, class action settlements are complicated and should be handled by an experienced legal practitioner. If you think your case could benefit from a class action settlement, it is best to get in touch with a lemon law lawyer San Diego for more information. 

McMillan Law Group has the knowledge and experience to help guide you through this process so that everything goes smoothly! You may also want to speak with us if you need someone on your side who will fight for what’s right when negotiating a fair settlement offer.