When purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, the last thing that you expect is to get cheated. There is room for negotiations and other options that you can get, auto dealers have to be honest and talk about the vehicle that you are getting. However, how will you know if you auto dealer is not fooling you into buying a defective vehicle or not? In this article. We will give you some ways that auto dealers can fool you into buying a lemon vehicle.

Auto dealer fraud can happen at any period of the vehicle purchase process, from the billboard to visiting the dealership to signing the purchase papers. Here are the things that you should look out for in an auto dealer fraud:

False Advertising

This tactic is used by a lot of auto dealers. The dealership will post a sign with a very attractive price and then tell customers that that vehicle isn’t available and use aggressive sales tactics to sell a more expensive vehicle or the vehicle that was advertised in a much higher price than previously advertised.

Falsifying the Odometer

When a fraud auto dealer sells used cars, they tend to roll back the odometer aka. “rollbacks” to hide the actual miles in the vehicle.

Undisclosed Matters

When an auto dealer doesn’t disclose certain matters to you, they could be engaging in fraud. Some examples are salvage titles, expired warranty, repairs in the vehicle. If the customer wasn’t notified of the issues when they were buying the vehicle, then it could become a legal issue.

Representation of additional features to include in the payment plan. Upgrades to older parts and providing details to them but to including them in the invoice. All of these are tactics that can be use by a fraud auto dealer.


These include the services and other features of the vehicle such as free maintenances, extra warranties, features added in the vehicle. Auto dealers won’t talk about these add-ons in the negotiation process and when the deal is being finalized, they will introduce these add-ons in the final purchase papers.

Hiding a Lemon

When selling a car, a fraud auto dealer can conceal the fact that the vehicle that you are going to buy is a lemon and has the potential to seriously harm you. If a dealer conceals this issue, you can look for a lemon law attorney and file a case against the auto dealer.

Payment Plan Fraud

A fraud auto dealer when processing your loan application will file you for a low interest financing while claiming that your credit score is too low for you to qualify and convince you to get the finance.

Lemon Law Attorneys San Diego to Help You

Some actions that auto dealers do are not usually done to harm the customer but to have monetary gain in the sale. However, the sale can lead to some problems that would be harmful or fatal to the user. When this happens, it is critical that you hire a lemon law attorney San Diego to guide you through the process.

An auto dealer will try to make amends and try to solve this before going to court. It is crucial that you discuss these matters with the lemon law lawyer San Diego and get their advice before deciding for yourself.