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“Bankruptcy” often has a deep stigma attached to it. However, Americans must begin to realize that bankruptcy is nothing to feel ashamed about or avoid but is a financial service made to assist people in hard times. Can you recover from bankruptcy? Yes. A good Californian Bankruptcy Attorney in San Diego can help you get a fresh start using exemptions to protect your property and possessions.

Several highly respected people were once bankrupt but recovered and went on to make priceless contributions. Abe Lincoln has his face on money but was once bankrupt and did not have a dime to his name. Disney will survive if the economy collapses, but Walt Disney was once broke and bankrupt. Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S Grant are among several others who declared bankruptcy but went on to thrive.

This article will discuss the benefits of Bankruptcy for Californians while focusing specifically on San Diegans and those from El Cajon. Read on to know How to get out of debt – San Diego, how Chapter 7 Bankruptcy erases debt while letting you keep your property, and more.



Get Out Of Debt San Diego: How Filing For Bankruptcy Can Help

Individuals can consider bankruptcy as a measure to get out of debt in San Diego.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidates assets to pay off creditors. It can rapidly erase debts such as personal loans, credit cards, and medical bills and is usually for people without enough income and those who have few assets.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is recommended for those who have property they do not want to lose. It provides individuals with three to five years to pay their debts and become debt-free. Individuals must have an income, and the debt must be below a certain amount (1.5 million dollars) to qualify. Individuals with debt above this amount can file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy San Diego

The federal bankruptcy code describes four common kinds of bankruptcy cases. Chapter 7 is the most common kind of bankruptcy. Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, it involves the court selling non-exempt assets for cash and paying off creditors. Individuals can keep assets exempt under federal law or law of their home states. Chapter 7 requires a means test, and those who file it must make below a certain amount. Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy involves filing forms and the appointment of a trustee, who will review the assets.


Benefits Of Chapter 7

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in San Diego has many benefits. Firstly personal loans, medical bills, credit card debts, and other unsecured loans are wiped out when the court grants you a bankruptcy discharge, usually within four months. Filing a case also provides immediate relief by triggering an automatic stay on collection actions like calls and letters. At the same time, foreclosure on the property is halted temporarily. Most people have a better credit score a year after filing bankruptcy than when the process began. People may often find themselves tapping into retirement accounts for paying off debt. Filing for bankruptcy can help people avoid doing this as 401 (k) plans, and IRAs are protected during bankruptcy.

Statistically, people in 95% of all filed Chapter 7 bankruptcies keep their property while erasing their debts. The Californian Bankruptcy Exemption System provides exemptions on a large amount of equity in your house, car, trade tools, personal property, wages, and more. For instance, California 704 Homestead Exemption protects a certain amount of equity in principal residences, including boats, mobile homes, and condominiums. The amount of exemption varies according to circumstance, and so you should engage an experienced attorney to help you in your case and avoid issues.


Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me: Selecting A Local Bankruptcy Attorney – El Cajon and San Diego

Trusting a bankruptcy attorney located near you has several advantages. Firstly, it is convenient when it comes to travel and communication.

Next, attorneys near you are familiar with local court systems and may also have developed contacts within the local community to benefit your case.

Some reasons to hire a local bankruptcy attorney are –

  • They are familiar with Local and State-specific Laws
  • They understand the rules of practice unique to local courts
  • They have a rapport with local judges and other attorneys
  • Local Attorneys have a solid reputation in the court system
  • Save on travel and additional costs


What to Search For When Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney – San Diego?

When hiring an attorney to help file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, individuals should look for someone with expertise, fair rates, and a helpful communication style.

  • Expertise – The bankruptcy code requires in-depth knowledge and experience to use successfully. Misfiled codes or missed deadlines may result in cases thrown out, so engaging a specialist is crucial.
  • Fair Rates – Fees vary from case to case and state to state. Clients are usually charged between $500 and $3000 for Chapter 7.
  • Good Communication Skills – Individuals should feel comfortable working with their attorneys to get the best results. Holding back information or secrets may compromise their case.

Imagine if all the sleepless nights and the stress completely disappeared, and you got a fresh start at life again. That is what bankruptcy is meant to do. Bankruptcy is not something to be ashamed about and should be used when possible for whoever needs it — filing for bankruptcy, whether Chapter 7 or 11, could wipe away debts while keeping your assets and possessions. Consult your attorney to consider your options for using this financial aid and begin afresh in life.