Legal Aid San Diego Society – A Blessing For The Low-Income County Residents

The free legal assistance offered by the Legal Aid San Diego Society is a blessing to many low-income County residents.
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San Diego County is the second most populous in California and the fifth most in the United States. It has a Mexican-American culture because it shares a border with Mexico and is a charming tourist destination with many beaches studding its long coastline. However, beneath all the beauty and charm, a significant number of people lead their daily lives amid problems, including poverty. The Legal Aid San Diego Society for providing free legal assistance gains much relevance in this context.


What Is The Legal Aid Society Of San Diego (LASSD)?

The Legal Aid San Diego Society, initially incorporated in 1953, is a non-profit law organization in San Diego County. It consists of a group of generous law professionals and volunteers committed to serving the people. They offer free assistance to meet legal needs for those who cannot afford the expenses. The Society provides useful advice, counseling, and representation in court to the deserving low-income individuals. The government, several charitable organizations, and endowments fund the Society’s activities.


How Does The Legal Aid San Diego Society Work?

The following are the functions and activities of The San Diego Legal Aid Society:

Pro Bono Legal Assistance

The Society helps the residents pro bono with generally all sorts of legal matters. It saves the low-income residents much of the expenses, whether it is paying a bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego, dealing with sales contracts, or fighting against housing discrimination. Other legal areas where one can get assistance include tax problems, family law, healthcare, and immigration matters. Health matters are handled through its dedicated wing known as the ‘Consumer Center for Health Education and Advocacy.’ Those eligible can avail of the Society’s assistance right from necessary legal information to highly complex litigation.

Education And Awareness Campaigns

The Society also conducts campaigns from time to time concerning the legal aspects of education, fair housing rights, and family law to educate and empower the citizens with adequate information and knowledge regarding the Law. The Society Aid is available in both English and Spanish languages.


The Society offers volunteering opportunities to many belonging to a broad range of educational and experience backgrounds. It provides many of its services and conducts related operations through its volunteers who actively participate in its endeavors.


Eligibility Criteria To Avail LASSD Assistance

The eligibility of the Legal Aid San Diego Society is based on the income of the individual. The citizens meeting the low-income limits are eligible for free legal assistance. Suppose an individual’s total earnings are too low to afford to hire an attorney or bear other necessary legal expenses. In that case, they will be eligible for the Society’s free assistance.

Many San Diego residents cannot afford to pay an attorney, whether it is for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy San Diego, gaining fair housing rights, or health-related litigation. However, the income limit is not the same for all legal purposes. As the limit is different for various categories, one needs to contact the Society to determine if one is eligible for free assistance.


Where Is The Legal Aid San Diego Society Located?

The Society conducts all its operations from its three offices, namely in the Southeast, Midtown, and North County regions. Residents can get the service they need by visiting the office nearest to their location. For instance, when looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Chula Vista residents can approach the Southeast San Diego office, which is also the primary office. The offices stay open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. The exact locations of the offices are available on the Society website.


Final Words

The pro bono services of the Legal Aid San Diego Society have been a great blessing for many. Over 1 million County residents living below the Federal poverty limit, i.e., one-third of the 3 million residents, can look forward to its assistance. It has brought much relief to many families and individuals in San Diego that can neither afford the lawyer fees nor other legal expenses. The Society aims at providing equal justice to all in almost any legal matter related to daily life. Whether it is litigation against domestic violence, justice in housing matters, or to get out of debt in San Diego residents can rely on the unstinted support extended by the Legal Aid Society.

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